Thursday, July 26, 2007


Many of you know that I finally ordered the replacement for my computer this week. Well, because I'm (still) a student, I was able to purchase a new 30 GB iPod for only $50. It arrived today. I'm in iLove.

Also, as of 7:07 pm Eastern Daylight time, my customized Macbook is in Anchorage, Alaska (say 'hi' to it for me, Adam and Sherri!)...I hope hope hope it arrives tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Growing Up

Sometimes things happen which make me realize that Ian is growing up right in front of me. I was making supper this evening when I saw Ian go crawling down the hall to his room. A minute or so later, he came crawling back to the living room dragging something. When I reached a stopping point in my work, I went into the living room to see what he was up to. The first thing I saw was this:
Ian had arranged these pieces from his toolbox in a symmetrical pattern. This is actually quite impressive given that there are two of each color. I haven't sat down to figure out the probability of randomly generating a sequence like this, but the odds aren't actually that good.

Second, I looked up to see him sitting in one of the living room chairs with his face buried in a book, and he was talking to himself. It turns out that the thing he drug back to the living room was one of his books. The kid had gone to his room, picked out a book, brought it back to the living room, climbed into a chair, and started "reading" to himself. I just quietly walked back into the kitchen and resumed working...he didn't need me to entertain him.

P.S. Look how old he looks in this picture of him and Lisa...and how much he looks like Rob.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Look out world.

I don't think this needs any explanation.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baths and Butterfly Lunchions

This is Ian after one of his evening baths (his most favorite part of the day!), "reading" his favorite book. And he loves his birthday suit. After all, what are those stupid clothes and diapers for anyway? He's also decided he doesn't enjoy being towel dried, but would rather air dry while speed-crawling around the house, laughing all the way. When we're particularly tired or feeling quite lenient, we let him have his fun. And, lo and behold, it becomes fun for us, too.

And here is one of my new friends. He comes to the flower bed at the base of our deck every day to sample the sweetness of my butterfly-inticing flowers. I was able to capture him on camera this afternoon while he ate and drank to his heart's content. It was really a joy to watch. I hope he comes back tomorrow for another buffet meal.