Friday, August 01, 2008

New Animal Friends

This week we've tried to get out and enjoy South Bend a little bit before we dive into the school year, so on Wednesday morning, we went to the nearby Potawatomi Zoo as a family. I had never been to that particular zoo (to my recollection...maybe I went there as a baby/toddler when my family lived in the area), and it was a nice, little zoo with a heavy emphasis on protecting and increasing endangered species. We saw all sorts of exotic animals like red pandas, bison, snow leopards, white-naped cranes, and chinese alligators. While the morning started out cool, by the time lunch time rolled around, it was hot and we were all ready to get home for Ian's nap, but not before finishing the day with a ride on the "choo-choo," the highlight of the day for Ian.
Ian watching the tiger
Ian was afraid of the goats!
Eric and Ian on the train

Yesterday, we also made a new friend who came right to our patio door and asked for food: a little kitty! She was so hungry and so sweet, and she let Ian do almost anything to her. She just kept cuddling right up next to him. They ate their afternoon snacks together, and she spent the entire rest of the evening dozing on and under our patio furniture. By this morning, she was gone, and we haven't seen her at all today. Here are some pictures of our new friend, though: