Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gamma = Tobin

Meet Tobin Nathanael Oglesbee:
He was born yesterday at 4:36pm, and was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  Labor and delivery went incredibly smoothly, and he is a very healthy boy.  We have much to be thankful for.

His name has a Hebrew lineage and a Scotch/Irish usage, and means, "God is good."  We felt it was the best description of his life and how he came to be.

We're praising God for this great blessing!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This and That, Fall 2010

Yeah, so I haven't posted in over two months again.  Back around Labor Day, we were just beginning the fall semester and things hadn't started really piling up yet.  Then this massive snowball of work rolled into our lives and was exacerbated by the exhaustion accompanying the latter part of my pregnancy...and well, blogging took a back burner to lesson prep and trying to get enough sleep to get through the day.  Thankfully, the class I taught at Bethel encompassed only the first 7 weeks of the semester, and I've had some time to catch up a bit.  (Eric, on the other hand, is still completely swamped.)  And with Baby Gamma's imminent arrival, I'm betting this blog won't get much attention over the next month or so as well.  Such is life. 

So here are some fun/interesting things that have happened in the Oglesbee household in the past two months:

We were blessed by a nice visit from our Wisconsin friends the Borkes back in the third week of September.  They were making a goodwill tour of Indiana and stopped at our place for two nights to play video games and catch up on life. They have three rockin' little girls who kept Ian more than entertained and were even able to put him in his place a time or two.  It's always nice to spend time with their family, and the time is always too short with too much time in between.  We're looking for a date when we can pay them a visit as well.

The next weekend, my best friend Andrea lovingly and thoughtfully threw us a shower in book party form.  Instead of bringing only regular baby gifts, which we didn't need a whole lot of this time around, people showered us with books!  I was totally geeked out by the stacks and stacks of good children's books we received from friends and family:  popular classic board books like "Goodnight, Moon" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," fun educational books like a Baby Einstein art book, and even classic chapter books like "Peter Pan" for older kids.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the people we know.  Add to all of that Andrea's fabulous finger foods and delectable coconut cake, and it was a real party! 

Ian refusing to smile for the family photo
 On the first weekend of October, we took a quick one-day trip down to Bloomington for the IU vs. Michigan football game.  We got super-cheap season tickets this year, thanks to a "Young Alumni Special" IU had going on, and were hoping to make it to up to three games this fall, but life (namely, pregnancy and a crap-load of school work) got in the way of those plans.  As always, though, it was a fun day of football and friends, even though IU couldn't pull out a last-minute victory and began their season slide into oblivion.'s hard being an IU football fan.   
Ian with his friends AJ and Jillian
Conked out in the car at a gas station on the long, dark drive home
Jars of Clay in Gates Gym @ Bethel
On October 12th, Bethel's Student Council hosted the band Jars of Clay, with Brandon Heath as the opening act.  Since Eric is the faculty advisor to StuCo, a lot of the planning and coordinating fell on his capable (but tired) shoulders.  Overall, it was a great experience for him to oversee something of this magnitude, and I think he scored some points with the staff and administration at Bethel for how well things were carried out.  The concert itself was fun, and I was surprised at how good Jars of Clay still is -- they know how to put on a good show and they really are quite talented. 

View from the balcony of the cottage
A couple weeks later, some dear friends from church invited us to go to a lake cottage owned by some previous members of our church (whom we have never met).  The cottage is practically suspended over a large dune overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan.  Spectacular views, lots of lounging, taking several walks a day, and eating fabulous food comprised our weekend there.  It was a time of much-needed rest and good company that we are even now extremely grateful for, as it helped prepare us for this last push to the end of the semester and the major transition of adding a new member to our family soon. 
Ian's camera skills at work.
On one of many walks; Ian and his best friend J-man
That just about brings us up to today as far as interesting things go.  As of this point, we're just waiting until Gamma decides to join us and trying to enjoy each day that we have.  My due date is less than two weeks away now (November 22nd), but if my doctor and Eric are right, this dude will probably be here sometime before that.  We'll see.  :)

Thanks for reading!